The Gallery

The Gallery

French House Gallery was opened in March 2004 and is the first such type academic Gallery where there are temporary exhibitions held designed to contribute and promote Artist and Artists from around the Country, including the University community.

Up until the present time  there have been 50 exhibitions.

The Gallery was established to promote a new Ideological trend, the first of its kind, an Academic Gallery, used to host group and temporary Exhibitions. Emphasis is placed on exposing well known Artists and also young Israeli Artists to the public and wider World.

The Gallery is spacious and very large designed on two levels linked by a Balcony which offers magical Panoramic views overlooking the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, The Knesset and the Israel Museum .

Exhibitions feature group works which expose the audience to a wide variety of Paintings, Sculptures, Stained Glass Windows, Weaving Digital Art, Photography and Jewelry.

The French House Gallery has a Cultural approach, which combines a first of its kind, where the Treasure is voluntary controlled and thus the Gallery relinquishes it self  from commercial pressure

 For additional information or reservation kindly contact:

Edmond J. Safra Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel

Tel:  (972-2) 5660192    
Fax: (972-2) 5619806


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